Above and beyond

Thank you so much for your prompt service. I just received the cabinets legs I ordered last Friday today, while the ones I had ordered from a local supplier 7 weeks ago are still on the way from overseas and are in the middle of the Atlantic ocean somewhere. A special thank you to Sven, (I hope I have the correct spelling), who went out of his way to help me place my order online. He spent half an hour with me on the phone as I kept mistyping my credit card information, patiently walking me through the process and after what seemed a lifetime to a by then very flustered me, I hear Sven say a phase that I'm sure to remember... Congratulations you've just become a customer of Bella Hardware. If anyone has ever gone above and beyond in their duties Sven certainly has. I know I will most certainly take a page out of Sven's book and try to model my own customer service in a like manner. Sincerely, and best regards,

Dale Thorne Hamilton
Thorne Quality Cabinets Ltd.

Testimonial By: Dale Thorne Hamilton — Thorne Quality Cabinets Ltd.