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Great Milano Legs

Hello, Sven,
My project is complete..the Milano legs are beautiful....I'm thrilled with them. Very sturdy, and most of all, the locking mechanism is great, because of my uneven flooring in my office, I have to raise one side 3 inches higher. Perfect!! The video was very helpful! It makes perfect sense to me now! Nicely presented!
Testimonial By: Denise

Great Service

By the way, the replacement parts were perfect! Thanks for being such a pleasure to do business with!
Testimonial By: Pamela Kelly

Motorized Desk

I really love my new motorized desk, the top is clean and a great color. The desk has already saved me some pain between my shoulder blades. Thanks for working with us Sven!!
Testimonial By: Toni

The Lugano legs are great

Just wanted to thank you all so much. The Lugano legs are great.Super easy to install and look wonderful. A pleasure to do business with you.
Testimonial By: WendyAnn

Table bases

I just wanted you to know that the stainless steel table base works beautifully!!! The client is so happy with it. They had their first meeting on it today.
Many thanks and we will use you again,
Testimonial By: Kim

Cool Table Legs

I bought this product (ROME legs) to make a laptop desk. I had no experience and needed table legs that I could install on the simple 17" wide white board I painted and sanded myself. The directions I downloaded were very easy to read and I put them on my tabletop without one ounce of frustration. The table legs look SO professional that it makes my desk look ultra-cool!
Testimonial By: Coleen Kirby

Sedona Legs

We just got the SEDONA legs. they ROCK!!!!This will make the cabinets kick.... We had them made with aluminum doors and glass inserts. glass block shower wall African tile floor...way better than the miserable 5 pc bathroom now in the trash....

thank you for caring

Testimonial By: Steve Nickerson

Level Cabinets

I needed cabinet levelers that would keep my cabinets up onto the stem wall in
my garage. The stem wall was 8" high. These worked perfectly and look
classier than the typical plastic ones.
Testimonial By: Von Stegal

Above and beyond

Thank you so much for your prompt service. I just received the cabinets legs I ordered last Friday today, while the ones I had ordered from a local supplier 7 weeks ago are still on the way from overseas and are in the middle of the Atlantic ocean somewhere. A special thank you to Sven, (I hope I have the correct spelling), who went out of his way to help me place my order online. He spent half an hour with me on the phone as I kept mistyping my credit card information, patiently walking me through the process and after what seemed a lifetime to a by then very flustered me, I hear Sven say a phase that I'm sure to remember... Congratulations you've just become a customer of Bella Hardware. If anyone has ever gone above and beyond in their duties Sven certainly has. I know I will most certainly take a page out of Sven's book and try to model my own customer service in a like manner. Sincerely, and best regards,

Dale Thorne Hamilton
Thorne Quality Cabinets Ltd.

Testimonial By: Dale Thorne Hamilton — Thorne Quality Cabinets Ltd.

Katrina Leg A+

I am very happy with the product and service I got from I purchased 2 Katrina Stainless Steel Legs for my kitchen renovation project. The legs were shipped promptly. As my project unfolded it turned out that I need only one leg. Returning the extra leg was very easy. Sven provided outstanding service. The one that was installed looks very good with my new counter top. I would readily do business with again and would recommend it to others.
Testimonial By: Irina — MA