CUSTOM Table Legs

Many of our table legs are imported from many countries. But we also use US based fabricators to make large dimaeter legs that are not so common and legs use traditionally in offices ............


We can produce large diameter stainless steel table legs, just the way you want them. We can make 4", 6" and even 8" diameter custom table legs which are often spect by architects for the dramatic appearance in banks, large lobbies and many public places. US custom made stainless steel table legs often have high stability, due to the large top plates welded to the leg to give your project a solid base. We can make your leg - one at a time - production time is 3-4 weeks plus shipping.  Every leg has to be induvidually quoted.

Since custom legs are excluded from our return policy please call us and let's discuss your induvidual needs before you place an order with us. Call 877-492-3552